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Seeing Double

Last week, I was inspired by a share from fellow photographer and friend Andrew Ferguson.

The shared post is published on The Players Tribune by photographer Cooper Neill, and it highlights the multiple exposure photographs he's created during 'mop-up time' in sports. 

As sports photographers, we are often subject to 102-70 basketball games, 35-7 football beatings and 4-0 shutouts in hockey, soccer, etc. While those finishing minutes can be moments to get a head start on filing, sending, publishing your work, it's a LOT more fun (and brain-flexing) to get creative and do some work you don't normally get the opportunity to.

For Cooper Neill, he spent that time pulling out a 35mm body and shooting these multiple exposures on film.

The process is exciting (and it helps that it's an ethical way to use creativity in publishable photography), and can give you a look at subjects in a more immersive, contextual or completely juxtaposed manner. 

To create a multiple exposure in a digital camera is easy, but I actually find it harder to create compelling images with it. With film, it's very organic. There is no digital decision being determined by your camera on where and how to overlay the additional exposures; you shoot a photo, rewind your film and expose again over top of the created image (newer film cameras have multiple exposure settings which don't advance the film roll until a said number of exposures are created on a frame).

I've created multiple exposures before. It's actually how I got started in photography. I used to shoot up to seven exposures on one frame of a skateboarding or snowboarding trick to capture the entire sequence on a single photo. BUT, that's a long time ago (2000-2004 to be exact), and things are a lot different now.

So, 12 years out of practice, I threw my camera into multiple exposure mode several times during the No. 9 West Virginia Mountaineers win over Kansas State on Tuesday in Morgantown, W.Va.

These are the results from this experiment, and I look forward to continuing down this road and watching how I progress.