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Photo of the Day: One Life One Chance

While photographing an assignment today, I ran into Jeff Goodwin, a long-time H2O listener, pit companion and musician. I didn't see Jeff at first, but noticed immediately his son Toby, who was wearing an H2O 'One Life One Chance' t-shirt. At the time, I didn't know that his name was Toby, or that he was Jeff's son, or that Jeff had a son named after Toby Morse, but I did know Toby was awesome.

Jeff and I became acquaintances when I was photographing a show at 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown. He was wearing an H2O shirt (I don't think you get how rare it is to just spot these things in the wild.) and we talked for a few minutes. I then learned he was in a band with my former boss's late brother, and we spoke about that for a while as well. Today, I learned that his back art of 'My friends look out for me than family' was actually featured in the CD leaflet for H2O's latest release 'Nothing to Prove,' but you can see that there, so I had Jeff keep his clothes on.

This shot is of Jeff and Toby, modeling Toby's shirt, and is my choice for today's Photo of the Day.