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Hello Squarespace, how you doin'?

After a few years working with Wordpress, I've made a full-fledged leap of faith into the arms of Squarespace -- basically losing everything I'd built in the process. Funny what companies won't let you have when you don't want to pay them anymore, huh? 

As much as I loved the unlimited customization options of Wordpress, Squarespace offers a very streamlined, sleek interface across all devices, and it doesn't require the testing and micromanaging of addons, apps, themes and plugins to do so. 

I hope that this change makes it easier for me to update, share, and bring an experience to you as a viewer, and hopefully that makes it easier to connect with those interested. My options in the new home are plenty, and I look forward to exploring them with the feedback of anyone who stumbles across my personal photography haven.

Maybe after I figure out what I'm doing I will update this blog with a post helping new users make the transition as easy as mine has been. That's a little ways off, though. I feel like fumbelina over here. 

 - Matt